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Table 5 Number of patients introduced to the IRUD diagnosis network in Japan

From: Survey on patients with undiagnosed diseases in Japan: potential patient numbers benefiting from Japan’s initiative on rare and undiagnosed diseases (IRUD)

Survey-1 + Survey-2 Number of patients with undiagnosed diseases in Japan who would be referred to IRUD (cases)
Pediatrics/pediatric surgery Other departments Total
General hospitals (GH) 1063 18,133 19,196
Family clinics (FC) 264 2337 2601
National/public university hospitals (NUH) 1462 8338 9800
Private university hospitals (main) (PUH-main) 652 3098 3750
Private university hospitals (branch) (PUH-branch) 240 1797 2037
Total 3681 33,703 37,384