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Table 1 Baseline characteristics

From: Basal pharmacokinetic parameters of topically applied diacerein in pediatric patients with generalized severe epidermolysis bullosa simplex

Patient number Age (years) Sex Total amount of cream used (g) Rhein mean daily dose (mg) Total area treated (cm2) cmax_urine (ng∙mL−1) cmax_serum (ng∙mL− 1)
1 8 m 123.4 34 310 39.9 20.1
2 7 m 69.9 19 210 25.0 15.4
  1. Two patients who applied 1% diacerein for a period of four weeks on 3% BSA were included in the pharmacokinetic analysis. Serum and urine samples were taken every two weeks. Detected maximum levels (cmax) of rhein in the urine and serum are given