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Table 5 Total number of inpatients, admissions, inpatient-days and total inpatient costs of rare disease population (2015–2016)

From: Healthcare burden of rare diseases in Hong Kong – adopting ORPHAcodes in ICD-10 based healthcare administrative datasets

  Total number of inpatients Total number of admission Total inpatient-days Total inpatient cost (HKD)a
2015–2016 rare disease population (% as compared to the general population) 22,606 (2.9%) 54,488 (5.06%) 330,091 1,594,339,530 (4.26%)
General population (all diseases including rare diseases) 777,616 1,077,325 7,757,181 37,467,184,230
  1. HKD Hong Kong dollars, LOS length of stay
  2. aUnit cost per inpatient-day in general (acute and convalescent) beds (as of 2015–2016 actual price): HKD$4830