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Table 1 Sequence Analysis of Paternal-Only Expressed Genes Within the Prader-Willi Syndrome Region (PWS Region)

From: ROHHAD and Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS): clinical and genetic comparison

PWS Region Gene Region Analyzeda (Ensembl GRCh37 release 89b) Percent of Analyzed Bases Covered > 20× by NGS
MKRN3 chr15:23810929–23812453 100
MAGEL2 chr15:23889139–23892889 71 (100% by Sanger sequencing)
NDN chr15:23931398–23932364 68 (Previously excluded [5])
NPAP1 chr15:24921014–24924485 91 (100% covered > 10×)c
SNURF-SNRPN chr15:25219600-25219603 91 (100% covered > 10×)c
SNORD107 chr15: 25227140–25227215 100
SNORD64 chr15: 25230246–25230313 100
SNORD109A chr15:25287120–25287187 100
SNORD116 (cluster) See Additional file 1 100
SNORD115 (cluster) See Additional file 1 98d
SNORD109B chr15:25523489–25523556 100
  1. aFor the protein-coding genes, the coding region is listed; for the non-coding transcripts (snoRNA genes), the transcribed region is listed
  2. bThe coding region of MAGEL2 is according to UCSC
  3. c10× coverage allows for reasonably confident variant calling, and since 91% was covered at > 20×, and 9% was covered between 10×-20×, these genes were considered to be adequately covered by the NGS
  4. d42/44 members of the cluster (all except the two shorter members, SNORD115–45 and SNORD115–47; see Additional file 1) were completely covered at > 20×