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Table 5 Ocular scoring in the EB Disease Activity and Scarring Index

From: A review of scoring systems for ocular involvement in chronic cutaneous bullous diseases

Activity Damage
Erosions/blisters/erythema/mucosal atrophy/fissures/stenosis Score Lesions Score
(0 = absent)
(2 = present)
Absent 0 Ectropion  
1 lesion 1 Symblepharon  
2–3 lesions 2 Visible corneal opacity  
> 3 lesions or 2 lesions > 2 cm 5   
Entire area 10   
Total activity score /10 Total damage score /6
  1. Adapted from: Loh CCH, Kim J, Su JC, Daniel BS, Venugopal SS, Rhodes LM, et al. Development, reliability, and validity of a novel Epidermolysis Bullosa Disease Activity and Scarring Index (EBDASI). J Am Acad Dermatol. 2014;70:89–97