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Table 2 Frequency of fecal problems among 108 HSP subjects compared to 46,293 controls

From: Gastrointestinal and urinary complaints in adults with hereditary spastic paraparesis

Symptom Sample
  HSP Controls
Uncontrollable flatulence
 Weekly 31.4%** 13.5%
 Daily 16.2%** 5.2%
Stool leakage/faecal incontinence
 Weekly 8.7%** 2.5%
 Daily 2.9%** 0.5%
Fecal incontinence affects daily life
 Weekly 17.5% 16.9%
 Daily 7% 9.1%
Inability to hold back stool 15 min after first feeling urge to evacuate bowels** 38.5%**,a 13.9%
  1. Note. **difference between samples is significant at the p < .001-level. asignificant within HSP sample gender difference, women higher (p < .05)