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Table 10 Associations between ARM and maternal use of other medical drugs

From: Maternal drug use and the risk of anorectal malformations: systematic review and meta-analysis

  Maternal use of other medical drugs  
Ref. First author, year Exposure ORcrude [95% CI] ORadj [95% CI] Adjustment/matching factors
[72] Stoll, 1997 All assessed medicationsc 0.04 [0.004, 0.32]a
0.03 [0.003, 0.27]b   
Other miscellaneous medication
0.4 [0.16, 1.18]   
0.5 [0.19, 1.32]   
[74] Angerpointer, 1981 All assessed medicationsd 0.7 [0.38, 1.43]
  1. aCases with no other multiple malformation (isolated)
  2. bCases with other multiple malformations
  3. cIncluded antibiotics, antispasmodics, estrogens and other miscellaneous medication
  4. dIncluded antiemetic, analgetic, laxative and antihypotensive drugs, and iron preparations