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Table 5 Consensus and dissensus between the P&P and the Professional groups on Quality of care and Organizational features at the centres

From: Lessons from patient and parent involvement (P&PI) in a quality improvement program in cystic fibrosis care in France

Categories: Quality of care, Patient centredness, Leadership

Consensus amongst P&P

No consensus amongst P&P

Consensus amongst Professionals

Quality of Care:

Quality of Care:

(++) Existence of improvement goals at the CFC and indicators to monitor them

(++) Existence of a therapeutic education program and professionals trained to deliver it

(++) Adequate multidisciplinary team, stable over time and possessing expertise in CF care

(++) Optimized clinic visit process allowing the patient to see all members of the core team and any referral professionals from various disciplines when necessary

(++) Optimized process of answering phone or email messages from patients and families

(++) Existence of an electronic patient record system at the centre

(NC,+) Periodic review of the records of the patients who came to the CFC, during the multidisciplinary staff meetings

(NC,+) Availability of care guidelines to all professionals

(NC,+) Organization of care providers in the patient community

Patient Centredness:

(++) Taking patient needs and requests into account

(++) Analyzing causes of complaints to prevent problems from recurring


(++) Driving the organization to meet patient needs and ensure safety of care

No consensus amongst Professionals

Quality of Care

Quality of Care:

(N,NC) Use of the EPR by the team during the staff meetings

(N,NC) Existence of a procedure to inform professionals on updates to guidelines

(NC,NC) Patient therapeutic education meeting patients’ needs

(NC,NC) Biology or Imaging Information contained in the EPR

Patient centredness:

Using data from the patients themselves to improve services