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Table 3 Next steps to accelerate the pace of the roll-out of the PHARE-M in France

From: Introduction of a collaborative quality improvement program in the French cystic fibrosis network: the PHARE-M initiative

1 Develop the French CF Registry
 - Reduce the time taken to produce annual Registry reports;
 - Achieve public transparency of the results by center;
 - Advance towards an encounter-based national CF database which produces annual Registry reports as well as ongoing (quarterly) results for the monitoring of the QIPs at the centers
2 Strengthen the motivation of the teams to enroll in PHARE-M program
 - Report the PHARE-M experience, results and satisfaction during professional conferences and patient organization assemblies;
 - Get the CF community leadership, professionals and the patient organization more involved in continuous quality improvement;
 - Continue to obtain funding from the patient organization for the extra-time needed for the PHARE-M referent at each center during the training year;
 - Validate continuing professional development credits through the PHARE-M;
 - Maintain a focus on continuous quality improvement with financial support for post-PHARE-M cycles until other funding is available (see below);
 - Develop a convergence between the roll-out of the PHARE-M and other actions to increase the availability of professional resources, access to CF care guidelines translated in French, and tutoring by discipline within the network;
3 Consolidate and develop expertise and resources for the PHARE-M
 - Organize a community of PHARE-M referents from the centers for advanced training on measurement, effective meeting skills, quality tools (fishbone diagrams, PDSAs, patient shadowing);
 - Develop a culture of publishing QI initiatives according to SQUIRE standards
 - Improve and adapt the PHARE-M website to show the various aspects of the program (registration to the CPD program, international research, international community ties, publications, etc.…)
4 Build alliances at the hospital and national health system levels
 - Continue contributing to the hospital certification process, supporting the hospital quality department through improvement actions, Professional Practice Evaluations, or hospital quality indicators;
 - Develop new CPD programs for post PHARE-M cycles focusing on providing reminders of the QI method and tools, benchmarking, measuring and writing for publications;
 - Participate in conferences of health authorities or working groups aimed at care quality improvement and patient involvement in healthcare to promote this QI LLC method;