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Table 2 Description of the steps of the multidisciplinary consultation process

From: Introduction of a collaborative quality improvement program in the French cystic fibrosis network: the PHARE-M initiative

No. Step Who What Length (min) Protocol
1 Installation of the patient RN - Setup in the dedicated room
- Collection of new elements since the last visit
- Verification of the results of examinations performed in the community or at the hospital
- Needs for administrative documents (transport passes and certificates)
- Reminder of the hygiene rules (wearing a mask)
- Validation of the day’s clinic visit circuit
5–10 Hygiene — CR
2 Consultation w/nurse RN - Taking of measurements (weight and height)
- Recording of the assessment in the patient’s electronic record
- Taking stock of the treatments prescribed and taken
- Care (implantable device, blood draw, etc.)
- Events in the life of the patient to be prepared
- Responses to the patient’s/parent’s questions
20–30 Measurement protocol (height and weight) according to the patient’s age
3 Respiratory assessment PT - Implementation of the hygiene protocol
- Taking stock of the physiotherapy practiced in the community and review of instrumental aids
- Taking stock of physical and sports activities
- Physiotherapy session with sputum collection for sputum culture
- Assessment of bronchial congestion
- Recording of the assessment in the patient’s electronic record
4 PFT (pulmonary function test)   - Measurement of respiratory function
- Recording in the patient’s electronic record
10 Recommendations of the American Thoracic Society
5 Other scheduled intervention   - Psychological assessment (psychologist), social assessment (social worker), or nutritional assessment (dietician)
- Or individual therapeutic education session
- Recording of the assessment in the patient’s electronic record
6 Medical consultation Physician - Additional examination
- Clinical examination
- Review of all treatment
- Response to the patient’s/parent’s questions
- Referral to the referent professional
- Planning of the next visit and need for additional examinations to be performed at the hospital or in the community
- Preparation of prescriptions
- Recording in the patient’s electronic record
- Signing of medical certificates
35–45 End of the course of consultation to benefit from assessments performed by the other professionals recorded in the patient’s electronic record
7 Departure of the patient Admin. Sec.
- Scheduling of the next appointment
- Review of organization for departure (transport, nutritional need, and support)
- Verification that the patient has all useful documents
- Instructions for events by the next visit
- Once the patient leaves the room, disinfection before accommodating the next patient.
30 Disinfection protocol