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Table 3 Standardized compounded medication commonly prescribed for rare diseases

From: Compounded medication for patients with rare diseases

Compounded Medication Information Source
Beta-Carotene 30 mg & 100 mg capsules TMF
Cafeine without citrate 1% 10 ml injection OpenAPO
Cafëine-citraat 20 mg/2 ml injection BP, FNA, IJPC
Chenodeoxycholic acid 250 mg capsules TMF
Ciclosporin 2% eye drops IJPC
Cysteamine 0,15% & 0,5% eye drops DAC, FFP
Glycopyrrolate 0,5 mg/ml oral suspension CT, Fagron, IJPC, IWK, NZ
Hydroxocobalamine 0,1% 10 ml injection BP, OpenAPO
Levo-Arginine HCl 100 mg/ml 50 ml injection FNA
Levo-Arginine HCl 100 mg/ml oral liquid TMF
Levo-Carnitine 200 mg/ml oral liquid CT, TMF
Midazolam 0,5% nasal spray FFP
Midazolam 2,5% nasal spray OpenAPO
Penicillamine 50 mg/ml oral suspension Fagron
Polihexanide 0,02% eye drops OpenAPO
Potassium−/sodiumcitrate oral liquid FNA (prep), IJPC
Potio Joulie (disodium hydrogenphosphate) oral liquid HUG, IJPC
Primaquine phosphate 30 mg capsules TMF
Primaquine phosphate 6 mg/5 ml oral suspension MPA
Propranolol 1 mg/ml oral suspension Fagron, FFP, IJPC, IWK, SEFH
Propranolol 5 mg/ml oral suspension CHEO, FPP, NZ
Pyridoxal phosphate 10 mg capsules TMF
Pyridoxal phosphate 25 mg/ml oral suspension NC
Riboflavin 10 mg/ml oral suspension CRI, Fagron
Sildenafil Citrate 2,5 mg/ml oral suspension CHEO, IWK, MPA, NZ, SEFH, USP40
Sodium benzoate 100 mg/ml oral liquid TMF
Sodium dihydrogen phosphate 156 mg/ml oral liquid CT, FNA
Sodium phenylbutyrate 200 mg/ml oral liquid IJCP, TMF, USP40
Sodium thiosulphate injection BP
Ursodeoxycholic acid suspension 15 mg/ml oral suspension FFP
Ursodeoxycholic acid suspension 20 mg/ml oral suspension IWK, MPA, NC
Ursodeoxycholic acid suspension 50 mg/ml oral suspension CHEO, CRI, NZ, USP40