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Table 4 CF+RM with lung transplantation

From: What can the CF registry tell us about rare CFTR-mutations? A Belgian study

CFTR1-RM CFTR-RM Trans mutation Age at transplant Sweat chloride (mmol/L) Pancreatic Status
Y E656X F508del 25-30y 124 PS
Y Y913C F508del 30-35y 118 PS
Y 3750delAG F508del 25-30y 112 PI
Y E664X F508del 30-35y Missing PI
Y M1137R F508del 25-30y 101 PI
Y 1833delT F508del 30-35y 115 Missing
N IVS16-977_IVS17b + 247del2514 F508del 20-25y 115 PI
  1. PI pancreatic insufficient, PS pancreatic sufficient