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Table 16 Expected positive outcome changes with Phe-restricted dietary treatment in untreated PKU patients

From: The complete European guidelines on phenylketonuria: diagnosis and treatment

 Less aggressive behaviour, self-injury, hyperactivity, restlessness, irritability, sleep disorders, anxiety, stereotyped behaviour  
 Improved mood change, social interaction, verbal communication, daily living skills  
 Improvement of attention span, alertness, short-term memory processes, motor skills, seizures, spasticity, tremors  
Other clinical parameters  
 Improvement/disappearance of eczema, skin rash, body odour Darker hair colour  
Quality of life  
 Reduced nursing time  
 e.g. less use of sedative, anti-psychotic, anticonvulsants  
  1. Reported in the literature of chapter 9.2 untreated PKU