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Table 10 Additional energy requirements in general population (non-PKU) pregnancy

From: The complete European guidelines on phenylketonuria: diagnosis and treatment

References Additional energy requirements in pregnancy (kcal/day)
1st trimester 2nd trimester 3rd trimester
UK SACN (2011) [353] None None 191 kcal/day
FAO/WHO/UNU (2001) (based on gestational weight gain of 12 kg) [393] 85 kcal/day 360 kcal/day 475 kcal/day
aIOM dietary reference intakes (2005) [382]
For women 19–50 years
None 340 kcal/day 452 kcal/day
aIOM dietary reference intakes (2005) [382]
for girls 14–18 years
None 340 kcal/day 452 kcal/day
  1. aEnergy requirements based on following assumptions: total energy expenditure changes little and weight gain is small during the first trimester so additional energy recommended during second and third trimester only