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Table 5 List of mRNA UTR SNPs that were predicted to be of functional significance by UTRscan server

From: Phenotype prediction for mucopolysaccharidosis type I by in silico analysis

SNP ID Nucleotide change UTR position Functional element change
rs577729544 G/A 5’ IRES → no pattern
rs200237798 G/A 5’ IRES → no pattern
rs372934646 C/A 5’ IRES → no pattern
rs530362790 G/A 5’ No pattern → 15-LOX-DICE
rs765255638 G/T 5’ IRES → no pattern
rs775542391 T/G 5’ IRES → no pattern
  1. 15-LOX-DICE 15-Lipoxygenase Differentiation Control Element, IRES internal ribosome entry site