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Fig. 1 | Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases

Fig. 1

From: Multicenter study on the effectiveness of the pre-epiglottic baton plate for airway obstruction and feeding problems in Robin sequence

Fig. 1

Patient Flow through this study. RS-Infants, infants with (Pierre-) Robin sequence; PEBP, pre-epiglottic baton plate. # In 7 infants with mild degree of upper airway obstruction a palatal plate without a spur was used, in 2 infants a CPAP-device or naso-pharyngeal tube was applied, 1 infant had early tracheostomy. * 1 study center (Würzburg) did not succeed in setting up and performing sleep studies, therefore the 4 patients referred to this center could not be included in the study

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