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Table 3 Parameter estimates for final model

From: Efficacy, safety and population pharmacokinetics of sapropterin in PKU patients <4 years: results from the SPARK open-label, multicentre, randomized phase IIIb trial

  Population mean SE%
CL/F (L/h) 2780 2.0
V/F (L) 3870 5.9
Ka (1/h) 0.234 6.6
LAG (h) 0.342 2.8
C0 (μg/L) 12.6 7.8
Coefficient describing effect of weight on CL/F 0.839 1.8
Coefficient describing effect of weight on V/F 0.573 3.3
Residual error (%CV) 65.30 8.5
IIV_CL (%CV) 22.98 0.2
IIV_V2 (%CV) 32.56 0.2
Corr (CL,V) 0.134 NE
  1. SE standard error, CL/F apparent clearance, V/F apparent volume of distribution, LAG, lag time, K a absorption rate constant, C0 endogenous BH4 concentrations, CV coefficient of variation, IIV between-subject variability, NE not estimated