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Table 4 Long term follow-up data

From: The RENAPE observational registry: rationale and framework of the rare peritoneal tumors French patient registry

Date of last contact  
Vital status  
 Date of death  
 Primary cause of death  
 Date of recurrence  
 Site(s) of recurrence: peritoneal, extraperitoneal  
Treatment modalities  
 Surgery: dates, intervention  
 Intraperitoneal chemotherapy:  
  Type do procedure: HIPEC, PIPAC  
  Modalities, time  
  Chemotherapeutic agent(s)used  
 Systemic chemotherapy: dates, no. cycles, regimen  
 Radiotherapy: dates, dose (Gy)  
 PIPAC: dates, regimen, doses  
Participation at a clinical trial  
  1. Abbreviation: PIPAC pressurized intraperitoneal aerosol chemotherapy