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Table 2 Psychological characterization of DM1 patients by clinical scale administration (Beck Depression Inventory, BDI-II; State Trate Anxiety Inventory, STAI-Y2; Apathy Evaluation Scale, AES) BDI-II: total score ranges 0–63, normal ratings ranking below 9 for men and o13 for women STAI-Y2: total score ranges 20–80, threshold value = 40 AES: total score ranges 0–54, cut-off threshold = 18

From: Disease awareness in myotonic dystrophy type 1: an observational cross-sectional study

  Mean (SD)
BDI-II (depressive symptoms) 10.6 (8.4)
STAI-Y2 (anxiety symptoms) 39.1 (10.0)
AES (apathetic behaviour) 18,2 (9.5)