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Table 5 Grouping of RD for Future ERNs, based on areas of overlap in the systems outlined in the text

From: The context for the thematic grouping of rare diseases to facilitate the establishment of European Reference Networks

1. Rare cardiac diseases (with rare cardiac malformations ERN included or separate)  
2. Rare connective tissue and musculoskeletal diseases  
3. Rare hereditary metabolic disorders  
4. Rare haematological diseases  
5. Rare diseases of brain development and rare intellectual disabilities  
6. Rare auto-immune and auto inflammatory diseases  
7. Rare cancers  
8. Rare hepatic diseases  
9. Rare gastrointestinal diseases  
10. Rare neurological diseases  
11. Rare neuromuscular diseases  
12. Rare skin disorders  
13. Rare pulmonary diseases  
14. Rare malformations and developmental anomalies  
15. Rare endocrine diseases  
16. Rare urogenital diseases  
17. Rare renal diseases  
18. Rare multi-systemic vascular diseases  
19. Rare head and neck diseases  
20. Rare gynaecological and obstetric diseases  
21. Rare eye diseases  
22. Rare bone diseases  
  1. Legend: The present list was proposed by the EUCERD Joint Action team and was subsequently submitted to the Commission Expert group on Rare Diseases for discussion