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Table 2 EURORDIS Proposal for grouping of diseases for ERNs

From: The context for the thematic grouping of rare diseases to facilitate the establishment of European Reference Networks

1. Undiagnosed Conditions RD ERN  
2. Immunologically-mediated and Systemic RD ERN  
3. Cardio-Vascular Diseases RD ERN  
4. Malformations/Medical Genetics/Neuropaediatrics RD ERN  
5. Dermatological diseases RD ERN  
6. Endocrinal Diseases RD ERN  
7. Hepatic gastroenterological and Severe Intestinal Disorders RD ERN  
8. Non-Malignant Haematological Diseases RD ERN  
9. Hereditary Metabolic Diseases RD ERN  
10. Neurological Diseases RD ERN  
11. Neuromuscular RD ERN  
12. Pulmonary RD ERN  
13. Kidney RD ERN  
14. Connective Tissue Framework and Specialist Rheumatology Diseases RD ERN  
15. Head & Neck Malformations RD ERN and Sensory Diseases RD ERN (including rare ophthalmological, congenital and genetic disease)  
16. Cancers RD ERN  
17. Other Rare Diseases RD ERN  
18. Rare Orthopaedic diseases including Complex Spinal Disorders RD ERN  
19. Women, neonatal and children RD ERN