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Table 6 A comparison of HTA and MCDA outcomes (economic criteria included) for 50 % threshold, multiple HTA restrictions imposed

From: Potential impact of the implementation of multiple-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) on the Polish pricing and reimbursement process of orphan drugs

Positive Negative
Unrestricted Time restrictions Limits to specific subpopulation Finanacial restrictions Clinical reasons Economic reasons
MCDA Positive Cystadane, Volibris, Torisel Kuvan, Increlex Nexavar (HCC), Nplate, Tasigna, Glivec (MM), Yondelis Tasigna, Yondelis Elaprase, Fabrazyme, Somavert, Torisel Fabrazyme, Somavert, Torisel
Negative Vidaza, Glivec (ALL Ph+), Glivec (MDS/MPD), Revatio, Glivec (DFSP), Glivec (GIST) Zavesca Tracleer, Ventavis, Sprycel, Atriance, Revlimid (MM/S) Zavesca, Atriance, Revlimid (MM/S) None Nexavar (RCC)