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Table 1 Search strategy to systematically review treatable IEMs that present as CP mimics

From: Treatable inborn errors of metabolism presenting as cerebral palsy mimics: systematic literature review

Search strategy # Treatable CP mimics
1) PubMed search using combinations of alternative terms to describe the CP phenotype and IEMs Definition: Search terms: 27
Cerebral palsy Cerebral palsy, spastic, spasticity, dystonia, dyskinesia, ataxia, movement disorder, gait abnormalities, hypoxic(+/−ischemic) encephalopathy, perinatal asphyxia
Inborn error of metabolism Inborn error of metabolism, metabolic disease, amino acids, creatine, mitochondria, neurotransmitter, organic acid, urea cycle, vitamins
2) Manual search Reference lists of articles identified through PubMed search were manually screened for additional citations. 15
3) Targeted search of known treatable IEMs causing ID Diseases listed in the TIDE App ( as treatable IEMs searched in combination with the above IEM search terms. 12
Total number of IEMs identified 54