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Table 1 Significant copy number variation (CNVs) regions detected by array-CGH

From: Genomic screening of testicular germ cell tumors from monozygotic twins

Cytoband # Samples Start Stop Length (pb) Event Gene ID
Blood Tumor
9p12-p13.1 Twin-1b   38.944.256 40.498.819 1554563 Loss 7 CNTNAP3, SPATA31A1, SPATA31A2, ZNF658B, LOC653501, DQ586551 and CNTNAP3B
10p15.3-p15.2   Twin-1 t 1,056,859 3,168,906 2112047 Loss 18 ADARB2, ADARB2-AS1, AK097474, AK127347, AX748285, IDI1, IDI2, IDI2-AS1, PFKP, WDR37*
Twin-2 t
12p12.3-p11.1   Twin-1 t 15.161.204 34.278.525 19117321 Gain 126 PLCZ1, CAPZA3, CASC1, KRAS, ASUN, PPFIBP1, DDX11, MANSC4, KLHL42, PTHLH*
Twin-2 t
12p13.33- p12.3   Twin-1 t 0 14.900.955 14900955 Gain 351 ACRBP, AKAP3, CCND2, DDX47, LRP6, NANOG, YBX3, CACNA1C, FGF6, FKBP4*
Twin-2 t
13q21.1-q21.2   Twin-1 t 58.321.428 60.493.818 2172390 Loss 6 AK097816, BC032915, CR618830, DIAPH3, TDRD3 and DIAP3
Twin-2 t
15q11.1-q11.2   Twin-1 t 20.335.887 23.044.681 2708794 Loss 140 SNORD116I, SNORD115, SNORD107, SNORD64, MAGEL2, NDN, SNURF, PAR-SN, PAR5, SNORD108*
Twin-2 t
Xq27.3 Twin-2b Twin-2 t 144.344.622 145.204.327 859.706 Gain 9 SLITRK2, TMEM257, MIR892C, MIR890, MIR888, MIR892A, MIR892B, MIR891B and MIR891A
Xq28 Twin-1b Twin-1 t 150.522.209 153.914.671 3.392.463 Gain 7 MAGEA2, MAGEA2B, FATE1, LAGE3, CTAG1B, CTAG1A and CTAG2
  1. Legend: #: It was found only novel CNVs in the blood and tumor samples from monozygotic twins (DGV and Brazilian Database). *More than 10 genes were mapped in this representative chromosome region. The complete gene list is deposited in Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) database ( Accession number: GSE62779.