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Table 3 Summary of possible susceptibility genes for sIBM based on current research and discussed in this review

From: Sporadic inclusion body myositis: the genetic contributions to the pathogenesis

Classification Regions/Genes
Immune-associated genes MHC region[43]; NT5C1A gene[44].
Degenerative-associated genes APP gene[45]; PSEN gene[46]; DYSF gene[47]; APOE gene[48]; MAPT gene[49]; PRNP gene[50]; SERPINA3 gene[51]; TARDBP gene[52]; hnRNPA1 and hnRNPA2B1 genes[53]; C9orf72[54].
mtDNA-associated sequences/genes mtDNA deletions[55]; Nuclear coding mitochondrial genes: TYMP, SLC25A4, C10orf2, POLG1, and TOMM40 gene[16, 56].