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Table 9 Indications to psychological or psychotherapeutic support to the family member(s) and patient

From: Multicentre consensus recommendations for skin care in inherited epidermolysis bullosa

Family members • Fear to breastfeed or handle the newborn and/or infant refusal
• Lack of self-confidence or inadequacy feeling in coping with the disease
• Anxiety to be left alone with the disease
• Depression or disease refusal by one the two parents
• Altered relationship of the couple (e.g. lack of interest in carrying out activities as a couple, loss of intimacy, negative impact on sexuality, etc.)
• Culpability feelings and inability to take care of the non-affected children
• Discomfort feelings or depression of the siblings
Patient • Stress or depression related to the visibility of disease manifestations and the feeling of being different
• Chronic pain exacerbated by daily care procedures
• Chronic itching resistant to therapy
• Stress or depression due to limitations in daily activities and social life
• Lack of compliance and adherence to treatment, particularly in
  • Adolescence and adulthood