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Figure 1

From: Multicentre consensus recommendations for skin care in inherited epidermolysis bullosa

Figure 1

Inherited epidermolysis bullosa: wound care. (a, b) Dressing cart prepared in advance for patient dressing: soft silicone foams (*), petroleum jelly (<), emollient cream (>), antimicrobial cream (), gauzes, tubular bandages, needles and swabs for culture (). (c) How to hold the baby: one hand behind the head and the other one behind the buttocks. (d) Bathing the baby also facilitates atraumatic removal of dressings which float into the water. (e-h) Wound care with non-adherent soft silicone dressings and thin polyurethane-soft silicone foams. (i) Lancing and draining of a haemorrhagic blister. (j-k) Soft silicone foams specifically modelled for hand dressing (j), and hand dressing to separate fingers and prevent early digit fusion (k).

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