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Figure 7

From: Visualization of cholesterol deposits in lysosomes of Niemann-Pick type C fibroblasts using recombinant perfringolysin O

Figure 7

Negligible co-immunostaining of GST-PFO-positive structures and other organelles in NPC cells. (A-D) Distribution of GST-PFO-positive structures, (A’-D’) patterns of staining by antibodies directed against golgin-84 (A’), PDI - an endoplasmic reticulum marker (B’), anti-PMP70 – a peroxisomal marker (C’) and phalloidin labeling actin filaments (D’). (A”-D”) merging of the corresponding pairs of images displays traces of the yellow color indicating different localization of GST-PFO-positive structures and the examined proteins. Scale bar, 20 μm.

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