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Table 1 Pricing data per country

From: Shining a light in the black box of orphan drug pricing

  GDP per capita in PPS Source of price data   Date of data extraction Number of orphan drugs Type of price* Distribution channel[20]
Belgium 120 Belgian Centre for Pharmacotherapeutic Information [21] 17/04/2013 41 Public prices Hospital pharmacies
Netherlands 128 College voor Zorgverzekeringen [22] 26/07/2013 40 Consumer reimbursement prices Hospital and community pharmacies
Czech Republic 81 SÚKL State Institute for Drug Control [23] 29/07/2013 29 Rough prices for final consumer Hospital pharmacies
France 109 Thériaque [24] 25/07/2013 43 Mixed prices: taxes excluded and taxes included Hospital pharmacies
Italy 101 Informazioni Sui Farmaci [25] 30/07/2013 21 Ex-factory prices Hospital and community pharmacies
Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco [26] 02/08/2013 Maximum prices
United Kingdom 106 British National Formulary 2013 [27] 02/10/2013 50 Net cost Hospital pharmacies
  1. GDP: gross domestic product, PPS: purchasing power standard, *type of prices: as described by data source: “public prices”, “consumer reimbursement prices”, “rough prices for final consumer” and “maximum prices” represent ex-factory prices increased by a distribution margin for the wholesaler, a distribution margin for the pharmacist, taxes and honoraria. “Ex-factory prices” and “net cost” are ex-factory prices without taxes and margins for distributers and pharmacists [28]. Due to differences in margins, taxes and negotiations, pricing of orphan drugs may differ dependent on the distribution channel.