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Figure 2

From: Adrenal hormonal imbalance in acute intermittent porphyria patients: results of a case control study

Figure 2

Schematic representation of C21 steroidal hormone metabolism showing the analytes included in the study. Of the 70 analytes included in the analytical methods, 55 were detected in a substantial number of samples and therefore included in the evaluation of steroidogenesis in AIP patients. DHEA and T were also included in the study by the analysis of T, androsterone (from 5α-reduction + 3α-reduction of DHEA and from 5α-reduction + 3α-reduction + 17-oxydation of T) and etiocholanolone (from 5β-reduction + 3α-reduction of DHEA and from 5β-reduction + 3α-reduction + 17-oxydation of T) but have been omitted from the figure for clarity.

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