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Table 5 Causes of death in 17 deceased South Florida treated GD1 patients

From: Patients with type 1 Gaucher disease in South Florida, USA: demographics, genotypes, disease severity and treatment outcomes

     Cause of death Total number of pts Number of pts with splenectomy
Parkinsonism* 3 2
Chronic kidney disease 3  
Acute myeloid leukemia and/or myelodysplasia 3 1
Dementia without Parkinsonism 2  
Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma 1 1
Lung cancer, metastatic 1  
Cerebrovascular accident 1  
Congestive heart failure 1  
Bronchiolitis obliterans and auto-immune hemolytic anemia 1  
Air embolism associated with illicit IV drug use 1  
  1. *Age at Parkinson disease diagnosis: 45, 54, and 63 years respectively.