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Table 2 Hospital-based disciplines involved in the patient’s care and management of ChILD

From: Childhood interstitial lung disease due to surfactant protein C deficiency: frequent use and costs of hospital services for a single case in Australia

General paediatrician Radiologist
Paediatric respiratory physician (including USA*) Neurophysiologist
Paediatric sleep physician Neurologist
Neonatologist Transplant specialist (including USA*)
Emergency physician Immunologist
Nurse practitioner Transplant nurse
Respiratory technician Dermatologist
Clinical nurse consultant Pharmacist
Occupational therapist Speech therapist
Physiotherapist Cardiologist
Ophthalmologist Gastroenterologist
Dietician Endocrinologist
Haematologist Microbiologist
Anaesthetist Geneticist (including USA*)
Surgeon Histopathologist (including USA*)
  1. *Expertise was utilised from physicians, geneticists and histopathologists in the USA, UK and Germany.