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Table 1 Key facts and state of play in European countries in December 2013: Centres of expertise for rare diseases (CE RD)1

From: The European Union Committee of Experts on Rare Diseases: three productive years at the service of the rare disease community

1 European country with designated CE RD in the scope of a national plan for rare diseases
5 European countries with officially designated CE RD
15 European countries with non-designated CE RD acknowledged by health authorities to varying degrees
9 European countries with CE RD recognised by reputation only
16 European countries with plans to designate CE RD in their national plans/strategies for RD
EUCERD Recommendations on quality criteria for centres of expertise for rare diseases in Member States adopted on 24 October 2011
Consensus on 45 recommendations covering the mission and scope, criteria for designation, process of designation and evaluation, and European dimension of CE RD
  1. 1Data as of December 2013, reproduced from S. Aymé, C. Rodwell (eds.), 2014 Report on the State of the Art of Rare Disease Activities in Europe, to be published in July 2014.