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Table 1 Clinical characteristics scored in the patient cohort

From: An algorithm to predict phenotypic severity in mucopolysaccharidosis type I in the first month of life

Clinical characteristic Number of patients in whom information was available p-value
Respiratory manifestations   
Signs and symptoms of upper respiratory tract obstruction 19 <0.01
Umbilical hernia 18 0.6
Inguinal hernia 19 <0.05
Hepatomegaly 1 X
Splenomegaly 1 X
Musculoskeletal manifestations   
Stiff joints/contractures 2 X
Kyphosis 1 X
Scoliosis 1 X
Hip dysplasia 1 X
Hearing impairment 3 X
Hydrocephalus 0 X
Cardiomyopathy 0 X
Macrocephaly 1 X
Corneal clouding 0 X
  1. X = insufficient data available for statistical analysis.