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Table 2 Clinical, Laboratory & Imaging features of lupus enteritis

From: Lupus enteritis: from clinical findings to therapeutic management

Clinical Laboratory Imaging
Abdominal pain ANA, Anti ds-DNA Bowel abnormalities (edema, target sign, dilated lumen), predominantly jejunum and ileum
Ascites Low complement Ascites
Nausea Moderate elevated CRP Mesenteric abnormalities (engorgement of mesenteric vessels, comb sign, increased attenuation of mesenteric fat)
Vomiting Leukopenia, Lymphocytopenia, Anemia, Thrombocytopenia  
Diarrhea Proteinuria  
Active SLE features   
Surgical abdomen   
  1. None of these features are specific. ANA: antinuclear antibodies; Ds-DNA: Double stranded DNA; CRP: C-reactive protein; Target sign: Abnormal bowel wall enhancement; Comb sign: Increased number of visible mesenteric vessels.