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Figure 1 | Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases

Figure 1

From: Clinical and molecular characterization of 40 patients with classic Ehlers–Danlos syndrome: identification of 18 COL5A1 and 2 COL5A2 novel mutations

Figure 1

Cutaneous and articular features in patients with cEDS. a-d) marked skin hyperextensibility on the neck, the forearm, the elbow, and the knee; e-h) different scar types, small atrophic, atrophic and hypertrophic, hypertrophic and haemosiderotic; i, j) scars and easy bruising of the knees and pretibial area in a pediatric and an adult patient; k-n) hypermobility of the little finger, the thumb, the elbow and the knee in a pediatric patient; o-p) molluscoid pseudotumors; q) piezogenic papules.

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