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Table 9 Total annual direct medical and non-medical costs of FRDA in the United Kingdom (n=75)

From: Impact of Friedreich’s Ataxia on health-care resource utilization in the United Kingdom and Germany

Direct medical cost Cost Proportion of total direct medical cost
Hospitalizations £50,067 21%
Community / Outpatient Consultations £71,888 30%
Prescription Medications £83,456 34%
Non-prescription Medications £36,903 15%
Total direct medical cost £242,314  
Direct non-medical cost Cost Proportion of Total Direct Non - Medical Cost
Educational Support £14,688 4.5%
Respite Care £3,584 1.1%
Professional Caregiver Support £304,668 94.3%
Total direct non-medical cost £322,940  
Direct non-medical cost including long term adaptation and mobility costs Cost Proportion of total direct non - medical costs
Modification / Adaptation £44,268 10.43%
Mobility £57,419 13.52%
Total direct non-medical cost with long term costs £424,627  
Total direct cost excluding modification and mobility costs £565,254  
Total direct cost including modification and mobility costs £666,941