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Table 2 Dutch unit costs (€) for resources used

From: Cost-effectiveness of enzyme replacement therapy for Fabry disease

Resource Unit costs in 2009 (€)# Source
Inpatient hospital day   
   AMC 596-1,036 AMC hospital ledger##
   Elsewhere* 457 Dutch costing manual**
Inpatient hospital ICU day 2,183 Dutch costing manual
In-hospital day-care treatment   
   AMC 274 - 845 AMC hospital ledger
   Elsewhere 251 Dutch costing manual
Agalsidase α/β*** per patient per year 200,000 Report manufacturer 2010; z-index 2007
Kidney dialysis per year 60,000 [19, 20]
Kidney transplantation   
   first year 60,000 [19, 20]
   follow-up per year not included  
Other diagnostic and therapeutic procedures Various AMC hospital ledger
Outpatient hospital visit   
   AMC 90 - 460 AMC hospital ledger
   Elsewhere* 72 Dutch costing manual
Out-of-hospital visit   
   General practitioner 28 Dutch costing manual
   Physiotherapist 36 Dutch costing manual
   Psychiatrist/psychologist† 91.5 Dutch costing manual
   Occupational physician/other†† 26 AMC hospital ledger
   Social worker 65 Dutch costing manual
   Alternative healer 60 Expert opinion†††
Productivity loss per hour^ 30 Dutch costing manual
  1. # In case of different base years the general price index figures from the Dutch costing manual 2010 have been used to derive 2009 estimates. ## Unit costs from the AMC hospital ledger for Fabry patients include the costs of top referent health care. * Weighted unit cost based on 88% general and 12% academic inpatient days.** Unit costs from the most recent Dutch costing manual [21]. *** Weighted mean costs of therapy per patient of 70 kg per year. The costs per patient per year of full treatment amount to €198,640 for agalsidase-α and €201,346 (price-indexed for 2009) for agalsidase-β. † Weighted unit cost based on the assumption of 50%-50% distribution of visits over psychiatrists (€103) and psychologists (€80) respectively. †† Out-of-hospital visit to other care givers are assigned the lowest unit costs among the caregivers, i.e. the occupational physician. ††† The Nederlandse Mededingings Autoriteit prohibits the use of an advised tariff. Unit costs per consultation may vary considerably, depending on the type of alternative healer. As a proxy, the reported unit cost of € 60 per visit is based on an indexed derivation of the advised 2000 tariff for an acupuncturist. ^ Mean unit costs per hour across gender and age groups.