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Table 3 Adverse events during treatment phases

From: Treatment of dysferlinopathy with deflazacort: a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial

Patient Adverse events Treatment sequence Treatment phase
1 Fast progressing muscle weakness, back pain, weight gain (4 kg), acne, Cushing P/D Deflazacort
2 None D/P  
3 Fast progressing muscle weakness, acne, hypertonia, fatigue, tachycardia, tremor P/D Deflazacort
4 Fast progressing muscle weakness, mainly in head lifting D/P Deflazacort
5 Hypertonia D/P Deflazacort
6 Fast progressing muscle weakness, weight gain, Cushing P/D Deflazacort
7 Weight gain D/P Deflazacort
8 None D/P  
9 None P/D  
10 Hair loss, GIT symptoms P/D Deflazacort
11 None P/D  
12 Weight gain (5 kg), acne, GIT symptoms D/P Deflazacort
13 GIT symptoms P/D Placebo
14 None P/D  
15 Fast progressing muscle weakness, head ache, sleep disturbances D/P Deflazacort
16 None D/P  
17 None P/D  
18 GIT symptoms, acne D/P Deflazacort
19 Weight gain P/D Placebo
20 None P/D  
21 None P/D  
22 Fast progressing muscle weakness D/P Deflazacort
23 None D/P  
  1. P = placebo, D = deflazacort, GIT = gastrointestinal.