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Table 4 Clinical features useful for assessing the risk of severe infection in febrile patients

From: Organizing national responses for rare blood disorders: the Italian experience with sickle cell disease in childhood

  High risk Low risk
  (One or more of the following) (All of the following)
Age < 3 years of age > 3 years of age
Health conditions Compromised Stable
Temperature >40°C >38.5°C and <40°C
Refill Increased Normal
Hydration status Dehydration and/or reduced fluid assumption and/or oliguria Normal
Acute chest syndrome Yes No
History of sepsis or severe infection Yes No
Allergy to penicillin and cephalosporin Yes No
Blood pressure Hypotension Normal
Hemoglobin <5 g/dl <2 g/dl from baseline
White blood cells >30 × 103/mm3 or <5 × 103/mm3 Normal
Platelets <100 × 103/mm3 Normal