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Table 1 Modified diagnostic criteria for PG[1, 1823]

From: Associated factors and comorbidities in patients with pyoderma gangrenosum in Germany: a retrospective multicentric analysis in 259 patients

I. main criteria Primary sterile pustule or ulcer with livid, undermined wound-border[1, 14, 15, 1821]
Exclusion of other relevant differential diagnoses like chronic venous/arterial leg ulcer, pyodermatitis, vasculitis[1, 14, 15, 1820]
II. additional criteria Histology of the wound-border: neutrophilic infiltration of the dermis with signs of vasculitis and accumulation of immunglobulins and/or complement factors beside the vessels[14, 15, 20]
Existence of relevant, associated concomitant diseases like chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, arthropathies, haematological disorders, neoplasia, endocrine dysfunctions, metabolic syndrome[14, 15]
Response to a systemic immunosuppressive therapy or no response to a conventional ulcer-therapy[15, 20]
Triggering of a PG by pathergy-phenomenon[14, 15, 20]
Extremely painful ulcer (VAS > 4 points)[14, 15]