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Table 2 Multiple linear regression modelling for 11 C-Tyr transport from blood to brain

From: Phenylketonuria: reduced tyrosine brain influx relates to reduced cerebral protein synthesis

  B SE B β Adjusted R2change p
Baseline Phe −1.728 * 10-5 0.000 −0.529 0.571 0.013
k1,2 0.301 0.132 0.417 0.098 0.041
Constant 0.024 0.011 n.a. n.a. 0.041
  1. Multiple regression model with 11C-Tyr transport from blood to brain as outcome variable, using baseline plasma Phe, Phe tolerance, age, and k1,2 as predictor variables. Only statistically significant predictor variables are shown. k1,2: 11C-Tyr transport from brain to blood. SE: standard error.