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Table 2 Prevalence of less common findings in the NIH cohort of patients with fibrous dysplasia

From: McCune-Albright syndrome and the extraskeletal manifestations of fibrous dysplasia

Other clinical findings % patients1
Gastrointestinal 7
History of hepatitis2 4
Reflux2 5
Pancreatitis2 3
Polyps3 5
Cardiac 6
Tachycardia4 4
Aortic root dilatation (GH excess)5 2
Hematologic 1
Platelet dysfunction 1
Cancer 4
Thyroid6 1
Breast6 2
Bone6 1
Testicular6 1
Hyperparathyroid 1
Neuropsychiatric 9
  1. 1n = 140; 58 males, 82 females, 2appeared in childhood, common causes excluded, 3atypical, upper GI tract polyps, myxomatoid pathology more common, 4unexplained/not associated with hyperthyroidism, 5only seen in patients with growth hormone excess, 6all tumors bear Gsα mutation, adjacent normal tissue mutation negative.