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Table 1 Prevalence and type of hearing loss in patients with and without palatal defect

From: Hearing impairment in Stickler syndrome: a systematic review

  Palatal defect (n = 121) No palatal defect (n = 163) p value
No hearing loss 26.4% 46.0% <0.001
Conductive hearing loss 13.6% 4.2% 0.008
Mixed hearing loss 20.0% 6.3% <0.001
Sensorineural hearing loss 40.0% 43.5% 0.544
  1. This table shows the percentages of each type of hearing phenotype for patients with and without palatal defect separately. Palatal defects include cleft palate, submucous cleft and high-arched palate. The group of hearing-impaired patients in which the type was not mentioned, was proportionally divided among the three hearing loss groups. Stickler patients with a palatal defect exhibit significantly more hearing loss, and this can be attributed to the higher number of patients with conductive and mixed hearing loss.