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Table 3 Abnormalities in AMI rats and Sp6 -deficient mice

From: Novel genetic linkage of rat Sp6 mutation to Amelogenesis imperfecta

Organ Category AMI rats
this study, [42, 58]
Sp6-deficient mice
[50, 51, 57]
Teeth Number Normal Excess (hyperdontia)
  Enamel Thin, calcified Absence or thin
  - Nuclear Polarized Not well-polarized
  -Tome’s process No Atypical
  -Morphological differentiation Early regression Defect
Hair   Normal Short, alopecia, no fur
Whisker Pups (at birth) Curly Rare, short, curly, alopecia
  Adult Feeble Delayed appearance
Digits   Normal Syndactyly, oligodactyly