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Table 1 Past, present and future of hemophilia treatment

From: Past, present and future of hemophilia: a narrative review

Year Main events
1970s: a golden era
1970s Lyophilized factors, home treatment, pioneer prophylaxis programs,
comprehensive treatment centers
1977 Desmopressin
1980s: many shadows, a few lights
1982 Factor IX gene cloned, AIDS
1983 Early virucidal methods (dry-heating)
1984 Factor VIII gene cloned, HIV isolated
1985 Anti-HIV testing
1987 Safe virus-inactivated plasma factors
1989 Recombinant FVIII
1990s: a new golden era
1994 Immune tolerance
1996 HAART for HIV
1996 Recombinant FVIIa
1997 Recombinant FIX
2000s: current hemophilia therapy
2000-2006 First gene therapy trials
2002 HCV eradication by IFN-RBV
The next 10 years
2011-2021 More factor concentrate available worldwide
Longer-acting recombinant coagulation factors
Fusion coagulation factors
Cure of hemophilia: gene transfer