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Table 1 International Classification Criteria Of Behcet's Disease

From: Behçet's disease

In the absence of other clinical explanations, patients must have:
1. Recurrent oral ulceration (aphthous or herpetiform) observed by the physician or patient recurring at least three times in a 12-month period;
And two of the following:
2. Recurrent genital ulceration.
3. Eye lesions: anterior uveitis, posterior uveitis, cells in the vitreous by slit lamp examination or retinal vasculitis observed by an ophthalmologist.
4. Skin lesions: erythema nodosum, pseudofolliculitis, papulopustular lesions or acneiform nodules in postadolescent patients not on corticosteroids.
5. Pathergy, read by a physician at 24–48 hours.
 (Sensibility 85% - Specificity 96%)