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Table 1 Summary of experiments carried out

From: Respective implications of glutamate decarboxylase antibodies in stiff person syndrome and cerebellar ataxia

Experiments Purified IgG fractions/Control solutions Purified IgG fractions/GAD65-Ab
a Modulation of motor cortex excitability No injection in 7 rats b78 in 4 rats
  Ringer's in 7 rats b96.11 in 4 rats
b Cerebello-cortical inhibition Ab Ctrl in 4 rats Ab CA in 3 rats
   Ab SPS in 3 rats
c F/M ratios Ab Ctrl in 4 rats Ab CA in 3 rats
  No injection in 6 rats Ab SPS in 3 rats
  Ringer's in 6 rats b78 in 6 rats
   b96.11 in 6 rats
  1. aStudy of the modulation of the excitability of the motor cortex following repetitive stimulation of the contralateral sciatic nerve;
  2. bCerebello-cortical inhibition following high-frequency stimulation of the cerebellar cortex and following transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS)
  3. cStudy of the ratios F waves/M response following stimulation of the left tibial nerve and recording in the plantaris muscle