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Table 3 Causes for pulmonary artery aneurysms without arteriovenous communication (adapted from Fischer et al [18])

From: Hughes-Stovin Syndrome

1. Infection
  Tuberculosis (Rasmussen's aneurysms)
  Other (bacterial and fungal); may arise from right sided endocarditis
2. Structural cardiac abnormalities
  Congenital heart disease
  Acquired cardiac abnormalities
  Structural vascular abnormalities
  Cystic medionecrosis/atherosclerosis
  Marfan's syndrome
  Behçet's disease
3. Pulmonary hypertension
4. Idiopathic vasculitic syndromes
  Hughes-Stovin syndrome
  Behçet's disease
5. Trauma (for example, from a Swan-Ganz catheter)
6. Miscellaneous