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Table 1 clinical features that distinguish sjs, sjs-ten overlap, and ten (adapted after 1)

From: Toxic epidermal necrolysis and Stevens-Johnson syndrome

Clinical entity SJS SJS-TEN overlap TEN
Primary lesions Dusky red lesions Dusky red lesions Poorly delineated erythematous plaques
  Flat atypical targets Flat atypical targets Epidermal detachment
    Dusky red lesions
    Flat atypical targets
Distribution Isolated lesions Isolated lesions Isolated lesions (rare)
  Confluence (+) on face and trunk Confluence (++) on face and trunk Confluence (+++) on face, trunk, and elsewhere
Mucosal involvement Yes Yes Yes
Systemic symptoms Usually Always Always
Detachment (%body surface area) < 10 10-30 > 30